Zipped Archive Files

Welcome to our Zippage. I hope to add a few data archives from my personal research. In these files you will find birth, death, immigration, and census record transcriptions, obituaries, maps, land claims, and queries. These files contain NOT ONLY data on the listed Surname or City, but also have info on the affiliated families (ie: the spouse’s names).

I tend to “hoard” any scrap of data I get that might prove to be a “clue” to my lineage, some day in the future. I decided to start uploading these saved pieces, as they may prove useful to others…. and who knows! You may find a link to me!!

HOW YOU ACCESS THESE FILES: First you will need click on the archive name to start the download process to your hard drive.

You must have an Un-Zipping program to open the *.zip files. These files were all “zipped” to condense them, and save room for more goodies! (If you do not have an unzipping program, go to here to get yours for FREE: Click Here)

Watch where you download the file to (ie: C:\ download\temp… on your harddrive), as you will have to find the file in order to open it.

The TEXT archives are saved in the text/wordpad formats (*.txt or *.doc). However, since these files are SO BIG, they have all been edited and saved using Microsoft Word Pad that came standard on my computer.

Once you have the file unzipped, just open the text file with your standard WordPad. (START> PROGRAMS> ACCESSORIES> WORDPAD on most computers)

Use your “Find” feature (EDIT> FIND) to locate a Surname, Given name, or Year… **Warning** these are big files, and will take lots of paper if you choose to print them out!

** PLEASE** attempt to download and search the files for yourself. I cannot search all the files for you. From my home page, you can access one of THREE surfable/searchable family trees for us:

One more piece of advise: While I tried to separate the RAINE data by STATE or COUNTRY, I based their placement by “Source”. In other words: the 1920 Census transcription for RAINEs in CA was entered under the state of “CALIFORNIA”, even though many of the Raine folks were born in NV, MO, or England, etc… So don’t give up after searching only one Doc!!

GOOD LUCK in your searching!!!!!!!!!!!