Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington

Below you will find Cemetery, Funeral Home, and Local Genealogical contact information, photographs, maps, etc. for Portland, Oregon (Multnomah County) and Vancouver, Washington (Clark County) including surrounding areas. Over 120 pictures so far !!

The cities of Portland and Vancouver are located just across the Columbia River from one-another. Many families lived in one city, and were married or buried in the other city. Thus you will find data for both cities here. 🙂

We are currently adding a growing list of yearbook indexes!! It is surprising how much genealogical data can be found in each yearbook. We have over 2 dozen more books left to index. Please check back often to see what is new. …And: If you own old yearbooks for Portland or Vancouver, and would like to either learn how to transcribe the book for uploading to Rootsweb and USGENWEB or would like to donate the book for a worthy indexing cause, please drop us a quick email ! Thanks! – Gninnah@aol. com

If you see any errors, or if you would like to offer any additions, please email us!!
We hope you find this site useful in your Family Tree research !